December 31, 2018

As the year comes to a close, I've been taking time to pause and reflect (which is something I'm not great at). It's been a remarkable year and I started writing a very detailed recap but upon reading it over a few times, it started to feel whiney to me. The year was wild. It was full of stress and anxiety. It felt overwhelming most of the time but I am nothing other than extremely fulfilled and grateful. So, I erased the essay and decided to go with a month-by-month highlight reel instead.

2018 at a glance

  • 2017 started with me still sewing in our basement with additional production happening with Jessica in her Bothwell studio
  • Other production had started to transition to the production house in Toronto as I started thinking about going back to work
  • I began working with Tia, our Graphic Designer on our first set of exclusive fabric prints
  • We launched our Facebook VIP group which is now 1,400+ members strong!

  • We released our last collection using common fabric prints and the first collection solely produced by Jessica's team 
  • Ladies Rompers continued to sell like hot cakes and were featured by the hilarious Cat & Nat and @ifitwags

  • We had another successful release, this time with our [LOUNJ] collection
  • This was the last release I did sewing for - the end of an era 
  • I returned to work full-time after transitioning Asher to daycare
  • We launched our first Men's item (Men's Lounge Tee) which continues to be one of our most popular items
  • We collaborated with The OVer Company on limited edition Starstruck OVer covers
  • We hit 10,000 followers on Instagram and could finally unlock the 'swipe up' feature in our IG stories!

  • I decided the time had come to move everything out of our home and so WD moved into it's first humble headquarters 
  • We launched our Ladies Lounge Pants (do you own a pair yet???) and our Tank Romper
  • The WD Helper Mom Crew officially launched and the best group of mamas came to volunteer their time on a regular basis

  • We had our first major release using the new production house in Toronto and each release continued to surpass the last exponentially
  • We also returned to our favourite event - The Modern Mom Show and it was a huge success!
  • My family and I took a much needed vacation leaving friends Cherise and Jacquie in charge!
  • Wooly Doodle was named one of Jillian Harris's Favourite Canadian Baby Brands, along with some other amazing shops
  • We were contacted by West Coast Kids who wanted to carry our product in all nine locations - our biggest retailer yet!
  • We had our first Warehouse Sale at The OVer Collective

  • I made the crazy but exciting decision to leave my full-time job to pursue Wooly Doodle full-time
  • We expanded our retail footprint to include 22 retail locations across Canada
  • We welcomed our first official employee Cherise to the WD team, along with our office mascot Seth the Sloth
  • We had a record breaking fall release which featured our first collection of exclusive prints and a host of new items 

  • We attended the second annual Modern Christmas Market (and fourth Modern Mom Show event) and had our biggest booth and best show yet 
  • We launched our Paperless initiative where customers can choose to eliminate the paper from their packages and donate $1 to charity

  • We signed the lease and began updates to our NEW OFFICE which we will move into in the new year
  • I was nominated for The Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for the category Entrepreneur of the Year (to be continued...) 
  • We raised $100 in the first quarter of our Paperless program - thank you!

Ok, so the essay just turned into an equally long bullet list but I think it's safe to say that 2018 was pretty amazing and I really do mean it when I say that NONE of it would be possible without your ongoing support. To quote the late Whitney Houston from the Bodyguard soundtrack...

I have nothing, nothing, nothing
If I don't have you, you, you, you, you.

What up, 2019?

I've learned that on this crazy little ride, you never really know what's going to happen next. I couldn't have predicted most of the things on this 2018 list. Having said that I do have some pretty exciting plans for the new year. I won't disclose all the details now but I will say this - it's going to be our most exciting year yet. I promise to keep evolving our clothing and improving our quality. I'm committed to making our products as accessible to everyone as I can, I will continue to make decision that better our communities and our environments, and I will never stop keeping it real and trying to make you laugh on a daily basis (view our Best Of highlight reel if you want to see some of the most ridiculous moments of 2018).

From the bottom of my extremely grateful heart - I thank you all for being part of this journey with me and wish you all the best for 2019! 

Lounge you longtime,


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Just say the word. Add 'PAPERLESS' to your order notes at checkout and we'll send your order without any extra paper (receipt, product tags, tissue etc..) and we'll donate $1 to a local women's charity.