February 03, 2018

When I ran a poll a while back, one of the things many of you showed interest in was blog posts on items or products that I love. So, here is the inaugural ‘stuff I love’ post.

Before I begin I want to lay down the ground rules:

  1. I’m going to be honest with you guys – all these things will be things I legit do love but I’ll also try to provide as much constructive information as well because what I love may not be what you love and I want you to make informed purchasing decisions
  2. I’m not going to take super lovely pics – mostly because my house is less than super lovely and mostly filled with WD stuff and partly because I’m just too lazy and not nearly skilled enough
  3. I am not cool enough to have people give me free sh*t. The things I am going to post about will be things I’ve purchased. If that changes and I start making it rain free product, I’ll let you know and will still ONLY share products that I really, really love

First up…

Cozy Mocs

I have actually been meaning to write this post for about three weeks but my tardiness works in your favour because it just so happens that these beauties are currently 40% off!

If you don’t know The Mighty Co, you should. They’re a mom and dad dynamic duo (and parents to Asher’s bestie, Zach) and they make amazing handmade mocs, headbands, soother clips, nursery shelves and play gyms.

We have several pairs of their regular leather mocs (which I also LOVE) but the cozy mocs take things to a new level! They are beautifully sewn out of amazingly high quality materials and are SO, SO, SO warm!  We have a pair for Asher in Antler (sold out but very similar to these) and Chestnut and he has literally worn one of the two every single day this winter.

What I love

What I love most about them is they are super easy to slip on and provide a LOT of warmth. We are on the go and come and go from the car or the stroller several times a day. Asher also despises wearing socks so I’ve found that having a pair of Cozy Mocs handy has worked really well – I can just slip them easily on his feet and not worry at all about them getting cold.

They are also ridiculously cute and we get compliments on them wherever we go (the general consensus is that you need to make adult sizes, Rachel!).

What you should know

The various cozy mocs are made out of different types of leathers and suedes and they all wear differently. I have found that the antler mocs mark up a bit more easily so I usually save those for times when I know Asher won’t trash them (like in the car or stroller). However, the chestnut mocs already have a weathered look to them so I find them to be able to take more of a beating. If you have questions about the different colours and materials – definitely shoot Rachel a message and I’m sure she’d be happy to help!

Where to shop:

Gro Bags

We got our first Gro Bag from my friends Marisa and James when we visited them in London. Up until that point, we had been using the lighter-weight Aden and Anais muslin sleep sacks (which I still really like) and didn’t have anything warmer lined up for winter.

It didn’t take long before I was fully obsessed and wishing I had my very own Gro Bag to jump into at night. However, when it came time to order more, I was initially a little confused. Gro Bags come in different sizes, prints and TOGS. What the eff is a TOG? I was wondering the same thing. It’s basically a warmth rating so you can choose the product that best suits your climate or temperature of your home. We have been using 2.5 which is their ‘all year round’ weight and have found it provides plenty of warmth.

What I love

First and foremost, the quality. They are so soft and cozy and you can tell they are well made which is something I always look for when it comes to my babe and sleep. All of ours have shoulder snaps and a side-zipper with a little flap that covers the zipper and snaps. I love this little feature because Asher is an expert at unzipping exposed zippers and houdining out of those things.

Another thing I thought was quite cute and helpful was that each Gro Bag comes with a little thermometer you can put in the room to gauge the actual temperature. I know most of you probably have those on your fancy, shmancy baby monitors but we don’t, ok!?

What you should know 

They are not cheap

We got our first for free (thanks Fewtrells!) and our next two were lucky snags at Costco but I know as soon as Asher outgrows those we will be on the hook for close to $80 which hurts. However, I will say these things hold up to washing, puking, nose bleeds, and babies who somehow manage to take their own diaper off and free poop all up in that thing and so it's an investment I feel good about. 

Where to shop:

Well, there it is. First post in the books. Do you have these products and, if so, do you also love them? What would you like to see featured next?

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