March 08, 2018

These words have been floating around in my head for the past couple of months and I figured International Women’s Day was the perfect time to try to organize them into some kind of blog post.

All it takes is a few scrolls through an Instagram feed to see phrases like ‘babes supporting babes’ or ‘moms supporting moms’. It feels like more than ever there is this huge movement to build each other up and support fellow moms, entrepreneurs, bloggers etc..

Since becoming deeply immersed in this network, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing, supportive and just genuinely good women I’ve ever come across. However, I’ve also had moments where I have felt like I’ve been catapulted back to grade 9 without the added benefit of being able to eat McDonald’s every day without gaining a pound.

There is so much power, good and bad, that comes when a network of women comes together like this. I’ve seen so many examples of women building other women up but I’ve witnessed the opposite - both first-hand and from the sidelines - and it seems to me that there is still an asterisks beside these statements we’ve been making:


*unless you parent your child differently
*unless you have different beliefs
*unless you become too successful
*unless you become my competition
*unless, unless, unless

Enough with the conditional support. Maybe I’m just choosing to see the word through Rosé coloured glasses, but I truly believe that there is enough success to go around, that the diversity in parenting styles should be celebrated and that healthy competition breeds innovation.

I am definitely not perfect. I catch myself judging. I catch myself feeling threatened and vulnerable at times when I see others killin’ it and I know I can do better.

We can do better. 

We’ve created a really amazing thing here, ladies. There is so much female talent, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in the industry right now and it will only get stronger if we commit to supporting one another.


Know them

I was thinking about something I could do to continue the focus of supporting other women who are hustling hard every day with their business. One of the sayings that I see a lot (and today will likely be on thousands of Instagram feeds) is:

Here’s to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

As a boy mom, I’m no expert on #3 and I hope that this post will at least get you thinking about #2. Where I saw some opportunity to keep the dialogue going is around #1 – may we know them.

Each month, I’m going profile a female business owner, maker, blogger or person who is just crushing it in the hopes that their story will inspire you. As with most of my posts, I will try to keep it fun, witty and most of all – REAL.

I’ll kick things off in April but would love to not only hear your thoughts on this idea but hear who you’d like to see profiled. Head on over to our last Instagram post and share your feedback and nominations in the comments section.

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