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Say 'hello' to our first adult garment - the Ladies Raglan Lounge Tee! This Tee is made of super soft and stretchy bamboo fabric and is fitted in all the right places. The best part? You can totally twin with your little one if you want to (and who doesn't?).

Material & Fit

Our Lounge Tees are made from a super soft and ultra light-weight bamboo blend (66% bamboo, 28% cotton 6% spandex). Our Lounge Tees are on the longer side and are meant to come down to the hips and booty. If you have a short torso or are on the petite side, please factor this into your decision making! 

To learn more view the SIZE CHART.

Product Care

Our fabrics are not pre-shrunk so factor slight shrinkage into your sizing decision. You can reduce shrinking by washing in cold and laying flat to dry.

Change Log

04/23/18 - all of our patterns were professionally re-drafted and re-sized. We tried to keep things as consistent as possible but have noticed the sleeves are shorter on this current batch of tees and are sitting at the wrist bone or slightly higher. If you prefer a longer sleeve, we recommend considering one of our Men's Lounge Tees or keeping an eye on this log as we will be adding sleeve length in the future. If you have questions about sizing, please reach out before purchasing. 

04/23/18 - we added length to our sleeves to make them a true full-length sleeve. 

01/28/19 - we added an additional 2" of sleeve length to these Tees. All Tees within this listing reflect this change.

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