Introducing Doodle Dough! Our rewards program where you can earn exclusive rewards every time you shop.


Create an account and you will start collecting Doodles which can be redeemed for dollars off! 


Collect Doodles by making purchases online and in-store and engaging with our brand.


Cash in your Doodle Dough for dollars off your purchases! 100 Doodles = $1.


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  • Minimum redemption amount is 100 Doodles ($1.00 off)
  • Redeem Doodles for any qualifying dollar amount
  • Apply to your cart or save for a later purchase
  • Rewards can be found in the 'Your Rewards' section of the dashboard
  • Cannot be combined with other promotional codes
  • Minimum redemption amount is 1,000 Doodles ($10.00 off)
  • Doodles can only be redeemed in $10, $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations
  • Customer email must be provided at checkout to link Doodle points
  • Cannot be combined with other promotional codes


Doodles rewards cannot be combined with any other promotions. Doodle amounts are based on your order total after discounts and before tax but include any shipping costs. As of right now, points do not expire. However we reserve the right to make changes to the program in the future and will notify members of changes that may impact your Doodle values. If items are returned, any accumulated Doodles from those items will be deducted from your account. When accumulating Doodles for product reviews, this must be done so on products we have confirmation of you purchasing otherwise Doodles will not be added to your account. If you have any questions regarding this program please feel free to contact us.