About WD

My name is Elizabeth and I'm the owner of Wooly Doodle, mom to Asher and wife to a guy who never sees me anymore (jk.. sort of). If you had told me five years ago I'd be sewing clothing, let alone running a clothing business, I would have thought you were bat sh*t crazy. But here we are!

I started sewing in 2015 after buying the cheapest sewing machine I could find off of Amazon (it might have been for children) and watching a few YouTube videos. The more I showed people what I was making, the more demand began to grow and I decided to open an Etsy shop and try my hand at actually selling my creations to random strangers on the internet.

In April 2017, Wooly Doodle became a fully registered company and I began expanding the team. I hired another mom and trained seamstress to help with production and that quickly lead to her growing her own local production and alteration company. As volume continued to grow, and with my return to work (yes, this is a #sidehustle) growing near, I enlisted the help of a second hand-made production house in Toronto. In 2018, I added a SW Ontario-based (new) mom/graphic designer to the roster who will be helping create exclusive fabric designs. Being able to create jobs locally and provide opportunities for other mamas to support their families is something I'm incredibly proud of.

My goal is to always offer modern, functional clothing that not only looks great but lasts so long it can be handed down time and time again. A great deal of pride goes into each pieces that gets created and I hope you love your Wooly Doodle gear just as much as I love creating it for you!