Go Paperless

We love marketing. Our tags, our packaging - all of it. It's part of what makes our brand so fun to interact with. We also love giving you options and looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint which is why we are introducing a new paperless option.

Just say the word

If you'd like to receive your order free of additional paper and packaging (no hang tags, receipts, tissue), type 'PAPERLESS' in your order notes. We'll send you just your goodies and we'll make a donation on your behalf.

Giving back

Each time a customers opts to go paperless, we will donate $1 to charities across Canada that support women, children and families who are struggling to make ends meet. At the end of every quarter, we will select the charity and share the donations with them. We are so grateful to have your ongoing support and want to extend that support to those who need it most. 

We will post charities and donation totals to this page so be sure to check back.

Q4 2018 $100.00 Chatham-Kent Women's Centre
Q1 2019 $100.00 Downtown Eastside Women's Centre
Q2 2019 $75.00 TBD
Q3 2019 $80.00 TBD
Q4 2019 $100.00 TBD
Q1 2020 $90.00 TBD