Please note our donation program is now CLOSED. Thank you SO much to everyone who participated and helped us double our goal, donating 2,000 masks!

As a business, we are committed to giving back to our community whenever and however we can. That is why we are partnering with our Toronto production team and the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) to create and donate fabric face masks to those most vulnerable and in need. 

With each donation, you are covering the production cost of one fabric, non-medical mask and helping to get these into the hands of individuals who can greatly benefit from them. Each mask is manufactured in Canada out of fabric we have donated. 

We would also love to share messages of support with the healthcare team at CKHA. If making a mask donation, please consider leaving a message of support in the NOTES section of your order and these will be displayed in the hospital and on social media! All messages will be anonymous unless you add your name and info along with your note. 

Our Donation Goal

Our goal is to donate 1,000 masks by the end of April and would be grateful for your support in helping us achieve this goal.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many masks can I donate?
    You can donate as many as you'd like! Just select the number of masks you'd like to donate from the quantity field when checking out. If you'd like to make a bulk donation, please send an email to customerservice@woolydoodle.com
  2. What are the masks made out of?
    Each mask is made out of our jersey fabric (bamboo or Tencel, cotton and spandex) that we have donated for production
  3. Who will receive the masks?
    We will be working directly with the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance to distribute the masks. This will include patients who are in hospital and outpatient visitors such as Oncology, Dialysis and those coming in for diagnostic tests. The hospital will also work with several community partners to distribute masks as needed.
  4. Can I purchase some for myself?
    Unfortunately not. Given our limited capacity and that of our production team, we are focusing our efforts on producing these fabric masks for donation to those most at risk and vulnerable in the community.
  5. Why Fabric Masks?
    We support the mandate that all medical-grade masks should be allocated to those on the frontline in our healthcare system. Recent information from the CDC and Canada's Chief Public Health Officer have shown that the wearing of homemade or non-medical masks can slow the spread of COVID-19 when used properly.