Clearance Men's [LOUNJ] Tee

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  • $48.00

Because everyone deserves to feel the comfort of our super cozy Lounge Line, we decided to create a little something for the guys! We've taken all the good stuff from our Ladies and Kids Lounge Tees and have added them to the Men's tee, while also giving it a more masculine spin. Perfect for layering, lounging, or levelling up your twinning game.

Material & Fit

When deciding on the size, please refer to our size chart. Our Men's Lounge Tees are on the slimmer side and have a little extra length in both the sleeves and body. The neck is thinner than on the Ladies Tee and we added a cuffed wrist because, well, we wanted to! For more information please see our SIZE CHART

Product Care

Our Lounge Tees are made from a super soft and ultra light-weight bamboo blend (66% bamboo, 28% cotton, 6% spandex). Our fabrics are not pre-shrunk so factor slight shrinkage into your sizing decision. You can reduce shrinking by washing in cold and laying flat to dry.

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