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This is our fall twist on our Original Romper. It has the same flattering and comfortable fit but with long sleeves and a v-neck that is not too high and not too low - JUST RIGHT! All our Rompers are Designed to provide you comfort while also hugging you in all the right places, this is a Romper you can actually dress up or down and feel comfortable wearing out of the house.

The super stretchy neck allows you to put it on easily (without the neck looking sloppy and baggy) and makes breastfeeding in this a breeze as well. There are pockets for your phones, keys, lip gloss, baby snacks - whatever you need on you at all times.

Choosing your Romper

While all our Ladies Rompers have the same general fit through the body and length, there are some thing to consider when choosing the best Romper for your body type.

Our Classic Romper has the most stretch in the neck and is a better fit if you typically wear a larger size top and smaller bottoms or your are larger in the chest. It's also the best for breastfeeding.

Our Fall Romper has a little less stretch in the neck so, while it's still easy to get into and breastfeeding friendly, if you are broader in the shoulders or have a larger chest, you may want to consider our Original Romper for maximum comfort.

Our Holiday Romper has all the comforts of our other Rompers but the neckline is less breast feeding and bra friendly (though we did try to make the back high enough to cover simple bra straps).í«ÌÎ_

Material & Fit

Our Rompers are made from a super soft light-weight bamboo blend (66% bamboo, 28% cotton 6% spandex). They have a more tapered fit than others on the market so when in doubt, sizing up is recommended. For more details on sizing please refer to our Size Chart.


Product Care

Our fabrics are not pre-shrunk so factor slight shrinkage into your sizing decision. You can reduce shrinking by washing in cold and laying flat to dry.

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