• $48.00

Because of the popularity of our Love Crews, we wanted to create some other fun and adorable pieces that would be perfect for the warmer summer weather - may we present the Kid's Love Romper! With the same features and fit as our Short-Sleeve [LOUNJ] Rompers, they feature our signature heart stitched on to the front. What's cuter than that? Nothing!

Material & Fit

These Rompers are made from a super soft and ultra light-weight bamboo  and Tencel blends (66% bamboo or Tencel, 28% cotton 6% spandex). They feature a generous fit, though sizing up will always get you more wear - especially if you put your clothes in the dryer. 

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Product Care

Our fabrics are not pre-shrunk so factor slight shrinkage into your sizing decision. You can reduce shrinking by washing in cold and laying flat to dry.