January 14, 2018 1 Comment

We've made some updates to our Ladies Romper sizing and as we prepare for the next release, I wanted to make sure all your questions about fit were answered - right here, right now.

What's changed

Overall, the design of our Romper has stayed the same because we kind of love it the way it is. With that said, we have made some changes to our sizing because we found that our Rompers were fitting on the smaller side so here is the scoop:

  • Our XS has stayed exactly the same
  • Our S, M and L have each been increased slighting around the waist and hips to provide a bit more room but everything else has stayed the same
  • We've added an XL because, well, you asked for it!

Choosing your size

The first place you should go when trying to figure out which size to get is our Size Chart. However, creating a one piece that fits all body types has proven to be nearly impossible so there are some other things you should factor in. If you're stuck on sizing or debating between two sizes, ask yourselves the following:

- Are you taller than 5' 6"? If yes, size up when in doubt (you'll want that extra length)

- Are you expecting? If yes, size up if you want your Romper to expand along with your adorable bump

- Are you nursing (read: is your chest bigger than usually are right now)? Size up to fit now, or go with your normal size if you want the Romper to fit down the road and show those girls off in the meantime!

Have any other sizing questions? Comment below or shoot me a message and set those alarms for 8 p.m. on Monday, January 22!

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Lana Cust
Lana Cust

February 22, 2018

Just got my romper in the mail today!! Very pleased with the quality of the product ! I bought my daughter one for Christmas from a different company and the fit of the wooly doodle is much better!!! No free boobie show!! ?? The neckline is perfect!! ?

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