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  • It took me a week to muster up the courage to apply for the Fedex Small Business Grant. This may seem foolish because what business owner wouldn’t welcome $30,000 but the idea of putting myself out there to receive votes, while also asking for financial assistance filled me with enough anxiety and insecurity to shut down the entry browser about 26 times. View Post

    Life can be hard. Whether you’re dealing with sleep deprivation, the terrible twos, work stress or whatever else keeps you up at night, we know some seasons seem to last forever. That’s why we’ve made the goal of our spring collection to simply inspire happiness through—bright and playful design... View Post
  • 2018, WHAT A YEAR

    As the year comes to a close, I've been taking time to pause and reflect (which is something I'm not great at). It's been a remarkable year and I started writing a very detailed recap but upon reading it over a few times, it started to feel whiney to me. View Post