November 27, 2017

It’s here - the highly anticipated Ladies Lounge Romper. Getting to this point has been filled with anxiety, excitement and adrenaline and so I wanted to share a little bit about what went into creating this new addition to our Lounge Line and walk you through the features as well.

The Reason

You have been asking me to make an adult romper for ages now. I’d say at least every couple of weeks for the past year, I’ve had someone send me a message asking for me to offer this product. Even though adult rompers have been a hot trend for a while, it never really made sense for me to go there… until now.

Earlier this year, I launched our Lounge Line and our first adult item and the response has been ridiculous. It instantly became clear to me that not only do you love super comfy clothes, but you also love twinning with your little ones. Continuing to create ‘mom and me’ products has been part of my strategy for the year and so I put the wheels in motion to create a romper that meets exceeds your expectations.

The Process

Up until now, all of our patterns are modifications of ones that I’ve purchased. While several parts of each item are my own original concept (ex. Adding snaps to our rompers required me to completely overhaul that part of the pattern), I’ve never created an item from scratch and the idea of doing so seemed a bit out of my comfort zone.

Luckily, I started working with Jessica. She is Wooly Doodle’s first team member and is now leading her own team of seamstresses in order to keep up with the demand. Not only is she a great sewer and a super cool human being, but she is trained in pattern drafting. We got together and talked about how we could combine our skills and collaborate on this piece and discussed the initial design and features.

From the very first conversation I wanted three very important guiding principles to be in place:

  • Quality – I know that you all expect a high level of quality from us and this Romper would be no exception. This piece would need to be hand-made with care like all of our other items.
  • Comfort – Our Lounge Line is all about comfort and these items are made from some of the softest fabric I’ve ever felt (go read the reviews if you don’t believe me!). This Romper needed to be comfy as heck – not just because of the fabric but because of its design features.
  • Twinning potential – While this Romper is not being made exclusively so that people can match little ones, it’s definitely an awesome feature. When designing this Romper, I wanted it to have similar features and finishes to our kid’s Lounge Romper with it’s own feminine and grown-up spin, of course.

Over the next couple of months Jessica created our first original pattern which she drafted from scratch and sewed our first prototype. We then went through multiple reviews and iterations and we sent our first test pieces off. Once our testers confirmed that the only downside to these Rompers is you’ll NEVER WANT TO TAKE IT OFF, we were ready to share them with you. 






The Design

Now, we couldn’t just take our Kid’s Lounge Romper and enlarge it because as convenient as crotch snaps would be, they wouldn’t be nearly as cute on an adult. 

I think we can also agree that the neckline couldn’t stay as-is or it would look a bit like a scuba suit.

So, for the Ladies Lounge Romper, we dropped the neckline to give it a more feminine scoop-neck. We also added pockets because if you’re anything like me, you don't go anywhere without your phone and debit card so pockets are a necessity. We also decided on a fitted ¾ sleeve to give it more versatility throughout the seasons.

Although there are some obvious differences, you’ll also notice that there are a lot of similarities to our Kid’s Lounge Romper.

Both Rompers are made of the same ridiculously soft and cozy bamboo fabric and are offered in the same monochromatic shades. We add a signature cuff tag to all our Kid’s Rompers and Pants and wanted to carry this over to the Ladies Romper. Our cuffs are super stretchy and can be worn at the ankle or pulled up higher on the calf depending on the look you prefer. Lastly, we’ve used a lot of the same sewing methods on the Ladies Lounge Romper – for example, the neckline and sleeves are finished in the same polished and comfortable technique

What do you think? I hope you love these Rompers as much as I do (spoiler alert – I’m wearing one right now) and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop your comments below or be sure to shoot me an email, DM or Facebook message! If you have additional questions, be sure to check out our Romper FAQ!


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