August 17, 2017

In addition to our fall collection, I've also decided to launch a year-round Lounge Line that I think you're going to go a little crazy for (I know I have). This line sort of happened by accident and went a little something like this:

I was scanning through all my fabric samples when I came across the softest and loveliest bamboo fabric I've ever laid eyes/hands on and just had to do something with it. I ordered a bolt of it without a real plan other than sewing all of mine and Asher's clothes in it until the end of time. When I got the fabric it was even more amazing than I expected and thought it would be perfect for making little tiny lounge clothes. 

From there, the infant Lounge Line emerged and I started whipping up Harem Pants, Raglan Lounge Tees, a Hooded Lounge Pullover and a Lounge Romper. I proceeded to put Asher in all these pieces and felt completely envious over how comfortable he must have been so I decided to be bold and do something I had never done before - sew myself a shirt!

I hacked a few patterns together and whipped up my Frankenstein creation fully expecting it to be brutal. I put it on and HOLY SH*T I NEVER WANTED TO TAKE IT OFF. I posted a picture to my Instagram Stories and literally got more messages on that post than on all my other Stories combine. And that, friends, is how the Ladies Raglan Lounge Tee was born.

With this new collection, I also wanted to have some fun with the marketing to give it a bit of a different feel than our existing Wooly Doodle branding (hashtag = #loungeyoulongtime and if you just laughed at that then I love you longtime). You'll start to see some of that fun branding in our social media posts or if you purchase from the line (hint, hint).

I have big plans for our Lounge Line, but for now, here's the line up (which I personally think is still pretty rad).

Ladies Raglan Lounge Tee

This is our first adult garment and I'm warning you - once you put it on, you won't want to take it off. It's tight/loose in all the right places and has extra length so it fits all shapes and sizes. The best part - you can now twin with your little one! Andrea is 5'10" and is wearing size M.

Infant Raglan Lounge Tee

This Tee has all the same goodness of the Ladies Tee just in wee sizes. Your babes will love how soft and cozy the fabric is and these Tees are the perfect piece to pair with our new fall collection. Grayson is wearing size 12-18m. His mama Lindsay is wearing size M.

Infant Hooded Lounge Pullover

This piece is one of my favourites in the collection. It's super light-weight so it can be used as a layering piece all year round and, while the unfinished hem gives it an edgy look, I assure you the craftsmanship on this bad boy is 100%. Jasper is wearing size 12-18m.

Infant Lounge Romper

The Infant Lounge Romper takes our signature Romper and multiplies the cozy factor by a bazillion. It's got all the same features as our regular romper (gorg. neckline and super easy-to-use snaps for changing) and is so soft even the most wild babes have been known to catch naps in it. The Infant Lounge Romper is the quintessential piece for a lazy day at home. Sloane is wearing size 12-18m.

Infant Lounge Pants

These pants are cut exactly the same as our fall Harem Pants but the fabric is lighter and even softer and let's face it - when you're under the age of 12, wearing leggings as pants is a-ok (but let's be real - I wear leggings as pants 50% of the time). These pants are great for transitioning into fall or for layering under snow gear in the winter! Maren is wearing size 6-12m.

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