One thing I learned (the hard way) is how far in advance you have to start planning in this industry. I was so used to flying by the seat of my pants that even planning a couple months ahead seemed ridiculous. But, here we are in the first week of 2018 and I’ve got the entire year planned at a high-level and our SUMMER line will be going into production by the end of the month. Hey, if it means fanaticizing about warm days and t-shirts, then I’m fine with it.

This is going to be a year of some pretty big change for this little company and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

Everything is ready to go!

I’ve shared this a number of times but it also came up multiple times in our feedback survey as an area of improvement. We are done with made-to-order items. We are done with making you wait 4, sometimes 5, weeks for your items to ship. Anything you order (except for the odd pre-order we may do) will be on its way to you or ready for pick-up within 3 business days.

New items

I had so much fun expanding our Lounge Line and including Ladies items. I never imagined when I made the first Lounge Tee for myself that this would be the result but I’m grateful that you’ve been embracing these new products.

Over the course of the year, you’re going to see more adult pieces with the next new items launching this spring. We are working on a MEN'S version of our Raglan Lounge Tee and also a Ladies Lounge Pant so that if Rompers aren't your thing, you can put on a Lounge Tee and Lounge Pants and live the head-to-toe cozy dream as well. I will share sneak peeks as soon as I can and I know this news will make many of our survey respondents very happy.

Exclusive prints and a new aesthetic

This is one I am over-the-moon excited about. Roughly three months ago, I worked with a super dope graphic designer to create our first exclusive design I’ve named “Starstruck” and you’ll be seeing this print make its debut as part of our Spring Lounge Line release.

While doing custom fabric is as equally stressful as it is thrilling (the fabric minimums are not for the faint of heart), I made another bold decision for the 2nd half of 2018. The seasonal fabrics you’ll see in our Jan 22 drop (that I’ve shown you previews of) will be the last of that aesthetic and the last of that particular type of fabric/printing method. Starting the second half of the year our prints will all be designed exclusively for Wooly Doodle and will all be produced on various types of super cozy bamboo fabric. Can I get a heck ya?

With this new direction, will come a bit of a new aesthetic too. The intent behind our designs will stay the same – with a modern focus on nature, wildlife and fun geometric patterns, but the style is changing in a direction that I think you’re going to LOVE.   

More retail and face-to-face presence

Last year, we landed in our first two retail shops – Cheeky Monkey in London, ON and Fab Baby Gear in Ottawa, ON. It has been such an honour having our product in these amazing stores and my goal is to try to get in stores coast-to-coast so as many of you can have access to our product as possible.

Montrealers – there are already plans in place to be in a super awesome shop near you. For the rest of you, know this is a big goal of mine this year so if you have some fave shops you’d love to see Wooly Doodle gear in, let me know!

Since we are kicking production into overdrive, I am also going to be putting a greater emphasis into getting out and doing more shows. One of the big highlights for me last year was the Modern Mom Show Christmas Market. It was such an incredible experience being able to meet so many of our customers and followers and the way you all responded to our booth and product was amazing. So more of that. Yes please.

New pick-up location

I LOVE that I have such a great local following and I know all of you located in or around Chatham really appreciate the free pick-up option. Having said that, with the current volume of orders and the fact I have dogs who love nothing more than waking my kid from his naps, I am going to be moving local pick-up to a new location in town. 

I’m just finalizing the details with another local business and will be sure to share all the details prior to the re-stock on the 22 when this change will come into effect.

What you can expect for Jan 22

I probably should have put this at the start as I’m sure this is what you’re most interested in but I hold out hope people read these posts start to finish. 

Ok, so here is what you can expect when we do our release on the 22. We have been busting our butts trying to build up inventory while offering you a new set of seasonal prints.

We will be re-stocking the following Lounge Line items and also introducing our new shade ‘Misty Morning’.

  • Ladies Lounge Rompers
  • Ladies Lounge Tees
  • Kids Lounge Tees
  • Kid’s Hooded Pullovers
  • Our new style of Kids Lounge Pants
  • Kids’ Lounge Beanies

Where are the Kid’s Rompers, you ask? They are taking a short break. If I’m being fully honest with you guys, I’ve had a hell of a time with these. The snaps have become the bane of my existence and I can’t seem to get them right – the snaps either fall off or the fabric around them tears and neither of those options align with the level of quality I want to provide you with.

So, I’m leaving the Kids Lounge Rompers to the professionals and we will have our first HUGE AND AWESOME restock in April.

For our seasonal line, you will see most of the same items as with our last release: Rompers, Flutter Romper, Harems, Hoodies and Raglan Crews, just in some new colours and prints. We will also have some solids in each item as well so you can put together entire outfits.

We will be stocking a few of each size in each item on the 22 and then will be replenishing a couple weeks later if you miss out on your item(s) and will continue to do so until the fabric runs dry!

So there you have it. I'm sure there are several things I've missed but, overall, a pretty good snapshot of what is in store. What do you think? Are you as excited as me?

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