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About Wooly Doodle

In 2015 I purchased my first sewing machine. It was the cheapest model I could find and my intentions were to watch a few YouTube videos, teach myself to sew and begin trying my hand at making clothing for the baby my husband and I were expecting. Shortly after, our lives changed forever and at 26 weeks, we lost our baby girl. As we navigated overwhelming grief, I found myself being drawn to sewing. Creating things helped me focus, heal and gave me a sense of purpose in a time when I felt deeply lost.

The next year and a half was full of intense ups and downs. We found out we were expecting again, experienced the joy of welcoming a healthy baby boy and then endured four incredibly long and difficult months of colic. Through it all, I sewed when I could, continuing to use this creative outlet as a coping mechanism for everything going on in my life. It was at this time that people started to notice my creations and asked me to create clothes for their own children. Wooly Doodle became a start-and-stop operation, where I made things when I could and sold them on Etsy.

In April 2017, when our son began napping reliably, I knew it was time to see if Wooly Doodle could evolve into a viable business so I registered the company, launched an official website and hired a part-time seamstress to help me increase my production volume.

Since then, Wooly Doodle has continued to grow into something incredible. All our production moved to a large-scale handmade production house in Toronto in order to meet the demand and in September of 2018 I stepped away from my full-time job (and its salary, benefits and pension) to be the full-time CEO of WD.

My goal is to continue to create apparel for the entire family that is comfortable, functional, stylish and sustainable while also developing a deep connection with our customers because they are our raison d'etre.

For more information please feel free to download our Media Kit.